Vegan Jalapeno Sausage

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Our delicious, pre-cooked vegan jalapeno Sausage is spicy and flavoursome.

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Romeo & Vero Vegan Butcherie


Our delicious, pre-cooked spicy vegan jalapeno sausage is firm and full of flavour. Avoid burning or over-cooking. Defrost before cooking, cooking time roughly 3min.

Quantity per pack
350g / ±2 x pieces
500g / ±3 x pieces
1kg / ±6 x pieces
Quantities may vary depending on the weight, pieces per pack is an estimate

Serving suggestion: Jalapeno slices with a Vegan Mayo, or on pizza
Staff Rating: 7/10: Consistent and delicious, not sure if very realstic
Staff Crit: They are quite large, so make sure you’re hungry!


What are the ingredients?

Our products are made from exotic secret mushrooms, gluten-free friendly flour, spices, olive oil and a little dash of soy.  Products include Mushroom 65%, Gluten-free friendly flour (chickpea) 5%, Soya 6%, Spices 4%.

Nutritional Information

All the products are made with the same ingredients but with just a few tweaks in spicing.

Per 100g
Calories 161
KJ 675
Carbohydrates (g) 16.3
Protein (g) 5
Fat  (g) 8.2
      Monounsaturates (g) 3
      Polyunsaturates (g) 2.5
      Trans Fats (g) 0
Saturated Fats (g) 0.25
Sugars  (g) 1.4
Dietary Fiber  (g) 3.2
Sodium (mg) 315
Cholesterol (mg) 0


  1. Do the products contain soy or gluten?

    Yes, there is a small amount of soya. The products are 100% gluten-free.

  2. How should the products be prepared?

    All products are pre-cooked and spiced, so you can just heat and eat. They can be fried, grilled or braaied. Heating time is approx 3-5 min per side, or until heated through –  do not overheat as this may spoil the texture. Microwaving is not recommended.

  3. How should the products be stored?

    The products can be kept refrigerated for one week. Can be kept frozen for up to 3 month
    Biltong can be stored for up to 3 months in a cool place, no refrigeration required

  4. Are your products Halaal?

    Yes, they are Halaal. We are awaiting certification.

  5. Are your products Kosher?

    Our products are 100% vegan and manufactured in a dedicated vegan only kitchen. The products could be considered kosher to some standards, but they are not certified kosher.

2 reviews for Vegan Jalapeno Sausage

  1. Shimara (verified owner)

    This absolutely delicious, you do taste the jalapenos. So glad to have such delicious options. Even great on pizza

  2. kagishomasemola (verified owner)

    The sausage taste amazing, I love the fact that they are the size that they come in.

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