Black Pepper Chevre


This black pepper chevre is extremely flavourful and adds the slightest bit of heat to every scrumptious bite.

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Our cheeses are made from fermented cashew nuts, seasoned with Himalayan salt and ingredients from nature. We do not use artificial flavourants or preservatives, but rely on natural processes like fermentation to keep our products fresh. Active probiotics also mean your Fauxmage will mature and develop more flavour as it gets older!

Serving suggestions
Spread or slice your fauxmage onto toast or crackers, eat it with jams and preserves, have it in a salad, stir it into pasta or risotto, enjoy it as a topping on a pizza (add after it comes out the oven), or simply eat it straight out of the packaging with your fingers (we won’t judge you).

Product Details

  • Shelf life: 4 weeks
  • Storage: Can be frozen, and even thawed and refrozen.
  • Product weight: 150g
  • FAQ: Do your cheeses melt? A: All of our cheeses are made from cashews and do not melt.


Cashews, Himalayan salt, Nutritional yeast, Mesophilic culture, Black pepper

Tree nuts (Cashews)

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