1. When do I receive my order?

    We strive to do deliveries twice a week. Orders can take 48-72hrs to be produced, depending on the product and stock availability, delaying delivery times. For more information on delivery please view our shipping page

  2. What areas do you deliver to?

    You can see a complete list of all the areas we cover on our shipping page

  3. What are your products made from?

    The products we sell are manufactufactured by different companies. For ingredients, nutritional information and cooking instructions browse the information tabs of each individial product.

  4. Do you have a physical store?

    No. We are an online store only.

  5. Can I collect my order?

    No. We operate by delivery only.

  6. Why do people want products that look and taste like meat?

    Vegans, vegetarians and people who choose to cut back on animal products don’t choose plant-based alternatives because they dislike the taste of animal products, but they do so for health, ethical, environmental or other reasons. Most people have grown up eating meat, and since many family traditions (such as the South African braai) center around food, vegan meat alternatives allow people to enjoy their favourite dishes and comfort foods without compromising their values of kindness and compassion. Also we don’t think animal products should have a monopoly on shapes and appearance. We think our plant-based kebabs, burgers and sausages can be even more delicious and we invite everyone to try them.